In 1995 I got my first Labrador retriever Nokkosen Urmaan-Kukka. My
active career started in 1997 when I got Labrador retriever-bitch
Všlikallion Flirtti in co-ownership with Všlikallion Labradors. Roosa
became Finnish Field Trial Champion (cold game), Labrador Champion in
2001 and Finnish Retriever Champion in 2003. She was a dog I might not ever have again.

After this I have had several Labradors, Billowhiz Flying Gillie, Dual's Hope Cassiopeia and Eagle Owl’s Indiana that have gained the title ‘Finnish Field Trial Champion’ (cold game).

I have been breeding Gundog Labradors since the year 2000. Eagle Owl's kennel has been awarded the Finnish Labrador Club's Gundog breeder of the year continuously from 2005 to 2009.

Autumn 2011 I started breeding with new suffix, Reedrunner’s. My first litter was born in October. For now I have three Labradors to work with. We’ll see what I get with them. My most interest are Field Trials, picking up and hunting.

I’m Working Test and International Field Trial judge. And I’m also the delegate for Finland in the FCI Commission for Retrievers.